Saturday, July 25, 2015

Party of Five

Well here we are again looking at a + on a HPT. I'm 10 weeks now. We had two good follicles and they apparently both met up with a swimmer and implanted. We are having di-di twins. 

June 16 I took a HPT and it was +. I had my blood drawn for two HCGs and the numbers were incredibly high--suspiciously high. High enough I suspected two. We went to our friend for a free ultrasound. I burst into tears. There were two heartbeats. Two sacs. Two babies. 

We've gone back for one other ultrasound. They were measuring perfect. 

I was nauseous the most in weeks 6-8. Week 9 still had a great deal of nausea and the closer to get to week 10 the less nausea I have. I am not quite as tired as I was but I could still nap every day. 

I've been moody. The worse part has been my breasts and my lack of ability to breastfeed. It hurts SO bad, especially after the milk is gone and she's dry nursing. I have to just tell her the Ba-Bas are asleep. 

I haven't had any unusual cravings. Enchiladas aren't like they were in my first pregnancy, but I do eat them. I still don't want to eat eggs. I've thrown up three times. Brushing teeth is hard. I gag. I developed strep or an sinus infection. I'm taking antibiotics. 

I'm showing. My belly grows every day. It's crazy. 

It will likely be a boy and girl. Names. We have some we like but nothing is definite yet. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

18 months

You're going through a little sleep regression. I read an article that said its a sleep progression bc nothing a baby does regresses. So true. You're saying more words. Your favorite word is ball and duck. I think you're trying to sing EIEIO. You love bounce patrol on YouTube. 

We took you to the zoo, your second trip
The goats and fish were your favorite. You growled at the tiger. You seemed to have a better time than at 1 yr. what a difference 6 months makes!!

You seem to be in love with me, as I am you. You'll let me hold you and read or sing. You look into my eyes with love for your ma. It's indescribable. You are my #1 and always will be. I would do anything for you. I carried you on my back tonight for the first time. You signed more. Ha Glad you liked it. 

You're throwing the ball well. You like tedious tasks. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year 2015

Wow so much happened in 2014. You sat up for the first time on your own and you crawled and walked and talked. Geeze, it happened fast, but especially from July until now. 

You're becoming more loving. You will hug me, kiss me bye before work, and even blow me a kiss occasionally. You say bye to everything and everybody. It's cute. You loved Frosty this Christmas. You're saying his name now that we've put him away. You were even trying to sing Frosty the Snowman with me today. I love you, my dear daughter. 

You're in your last wonder week. It's been a doosey. You're screaming in a very high pitch voice when you don't get your way. It's annoying but I know it's just a fraction of time that it takes place in. 

Goals for 2015

Get pregnant
Have more patience with B
Stay calm and zen and relaxed 
Use more essential oils 
Love and be kind 

Monday, December 8, 2014


I called school to check on S this am. The teacher said she seemed sleepy. She ask S if she was tired and she shook her head yes. Then she asked her if she partied all night and S shook her head yes to that, too. 

Funny girl. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I have been home with you the past two days from school. I enjoyed your giggles so much. I chased you up steps and around the floor. I chased you back and forth in the pool. You thought it was the funniest thing. I enjoyed our kisses and loves on the front sidewalk. You let me hold you and you slobbered all over my face. 

I love you so much. I am going to miss you. Thank you for two very special days I won't forget. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

1 year

You turn a year old tomorrow. 365. Amazing. It's not much like I thought it would be at this time. It's better in some regards. I can't think about the past years too much. I will cry my eyes out. I will tell you I enjoyed the hell out of staying home with you for 16 weeks. It was hard work but you were so worth it. The day before I went back to work you stared into my eyes from the changing pad and assured me that we would be ok. I'll never forget those eye sweet girl. 

I picked you up from Bambini this Tuesday and the shock and surprise on your face was like nothing I have seen you do before. You were so happy to see me. My heart overflows thinking about it. 

Your momma and I love you so much. So much it hurts us. You have made my life complete. You are so perfect and I adore you. I love your sweet smile and the way you crinkle your nose at me. I love the silly games we play. I love that you eat so well. I am proud of you and all you're learning to do. This next year will be even more incredible and you'll change every day I am sure. 

I will never be convinced you were ready to come out on July 11 but we have made the best of our first year together. 365 days. I love nursing you. I think it's made us close and bond. I wish I didn't feel like you don't like me sometimes. Your momma tells me it's just my Aunt Flo hormones. I hope so. I have no regrets about our first year. You've been loved as much as I am capable of. I have always chosen you first and your needs and comfort. I've wanted you to have an easy first year. It hasn't always been but we tried everything in our power to make it calm and peaceful. 

I love you as far as you can comprehend. 

11:11 pm 7/10/14

Thursday, November 7, 2013

17 weeks

This is week 1 of child care. It sucks. I miss her and it hurts me. She's doing well and adjusting well. 

She hasn't pooped in 7 days. Worrisome??

My mil said she wished she could feed baby Girl so I could eat dinner. As in breastfeed. Weird. Pissed me off. I haven't seen S all day and you wanna feed her for me? No thanks. I can live without the food. She rang the door bell a few weeks ago. Wtf?? Who rings a doorbell knowing a baby might be asleep?

Wife had paci in her pocket. Left it at work. Last night she took paci from daycare. Tonight she had to drive back to work and get it. Forgetful. 

My bday is coming up. Doesn't seem real. Doesn't seem important. 

I look forward to the wknds so much. 

She blows lots of spit bubbles. She loves to mimic. She's very nosey. Her smiles make everything OKAY. I love her so much.